Lay & Guest Minister Sermons

Lay & Guest Minister Sermons

Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church (DMUUC) invites speakers with many different views. The free and open pulpit that we provide offers us a variety of ideas. These views are those of the speakers and not necessarily of our membership at large. You can also read sermons from our minister and some recent audio sermons.

05/06/2018- The Meaning of Life with Pastor Norman Allen

04/29/2018- Buddha’s 4 Truths with Mike Miller

04/01/2018- Joy and Justice! Easter Sermon with Pastor Norman Allen

03/25/2018- Men and Women with Rev. Ken MacLean

03/04/2018- Bridging the Binary with Pastor Norman Allen

02/18/2018- To Lead Like Lincoln with Pastor Norman Allen

02/11/2018- Singing the Living Tradition with Christin Green

02/04/2018- Phoenix Rising with Pastor Norman Allen

01-21-2018- Still Small Voice with Pastor Norman Allen

01-14-2018 What Has Happened to Martin Luther King’s Dream with Dr. Christopher Bell

08/13/17 – Religious Education and You by Joyce Dowling

03/20/16 – What has happened to Dr. Martin Luther King’s (MLK’s) Dream? (Part 2) by Dr. Christopher C. Bell Jr.

03/6/16 – In 2016, what has happened to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream? by Dr. Christopher C. Bell Jr.

08/23/15 – “Bible Study Presents…” facilitated by Rev. Madelyn Campbell

07/6/14 – The American Creed: The Optimistic Outlook of a Black Patriot by Dr. Christopher C Bell Jr.

06/29/14 – Only Human by Michael Hardy

06/15/14 – Finding Intimacy and Ultimacy by Rev. Amy Russell

06/01/14 – Is God a Process? by Rev. Amy Russell

05/18/14 – The Hard Work of Transition by Rev. Amy Russell

05/11/14 – Flower Communion by Rev. Amy Russell with Pete Fontneau

04/06/14 – Listening: A Sacred Practice by Rev. Amy Russell

03/16/14 – Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World by Rev. Amy Russell

03/09/14 – Laughing at Ourselves by Rev. Amy Russell

03/02/14 – Harvesting the Past, Planting the Future by Rev. Amy Russell

02/23/14 – Meet Our New Friends in Ruai, Kenya by Daniel Whalen & Joyce Dowling

02/16/14 – Love will Guide UUs by Debbie Cole

02/09/14 – Making the Impossible Possible by Rev. Erin Gingrich

02/02/14 – Modern Slavery: What We Can Do? by Lori Fitzmaurice

01/26/14 – The Blessing of the Dead by Cynthia Snavely

12/15/13 – Finding Our Balance by Archene Turner

12/08/13 – The Gift of Presence by Debbie Cole

12/01/13 – Multiplication Problem by Michael Hardy

10/13/13 – Living Our Right Relations Covenant by Joyce Dowling

10/06/13 – Peak Experiences and Religion by Mac and Susan Goekler

08/03/13 – Is This the UU “Good Book”? by Mimi Stevens

07/07/13 – Life Lessons from the State Fair in Texas by Sally Jones

07/11/13 – Misunderstanding Virtue by Michael Hardy

06/23/13 – Keeping Small Unintended Racial Slights from Becoming Huge Problems at Work, Play, and Church by Dr. Christopher Bell Jr.

06/02/13 – Evolution of a Self by John Monroe

05/26/13 – Being Yourself and a UU in Today’s World  by Christian James

04/28/13 – Witnesses: Past, Present and Future  by  Rev. Preston Mears

09/02/12 – The Church That Says Come In  by Rev. Betty Jo Middleton

08/19/12 – A Balancing Act by Susan Goekler

08/12/12 – Have You Seen the Rainbow? by Michael Hardy

07/15/12 – What is Really Going On?  by Sally Jones

06/17/12 – My Life as a Muppet by Rev. Bruce Marshall (last sermon as interim)

05/27/12 –The Best that Love Can Be  by Rev. Diane Teichert

04/01/12 –Report from the UUA General Assembly  by Rev. Marshall, Joyce Dowling, Liz Echols and Mike Papantones

03/18/12 –Collective Action: Beyond Light Bulbs  by Matt Meyer

03/11/12 –The Little Deeds in Life  by Mali Phonpadith

2/17/13 – The Wellsprings of Violence by Richard Weiner

01/15/12 – Reflections on Race Relations – Martin Luther King Day service by Rev. Bruce Marshall, Joyce Dowling, Elliot Grollman, Christopher Bell, Jr., and Louise Warner

Lay and Guest sermons archive 1999 – 2011 is here.

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