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As we strive to live by our principles, here are social action projects in which our members and friends can join. See recent blog posts about social action here.:

A Dialogue on Race & Ethnicity
A Welcoming Congregation
Beacon House Community Ministry
Christmas in April
Green Sanctuary Certification
Oxon Hill Food Pantry
Open Door Housing Fund
Ruai, Kenya Relationship
Special Offerings
Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry for Maryland
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice
UUA Social Jusitce
Additional Information:
Arno Winard Award

A Dialogue on Race & Ethnicity (A.D.O.R.E.) – A discussion led by UUA consultant, Paula Jones from All Souls Church in DC, and Chris Bell. We’ll see some videos and read articles to get us started in our dialogue. References are available on the YahooGroups web site where you can join and get updates. read more…

A Welcoming Congregation – As part of our certification with the Unitarian Universalist Association, we continue our efforts in being welcoming to bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender persons. Here is a story of how we became “Welcoming”.

OXON HILL FOOD PANTRY – Every third Sunday, we have soup lunch – a good time to socialize as well as help others through your soup purchase. Soups are made by volunteers and the funds raised go to support the Oxon Hill Food Pantry. The Oxon Hill Food Pantry is sponsored by the Interfaith Community Action Council, Inc (history here). The Oxon Hill Food Pantry provides emergency food enough for about 4-5 days to individuals and families that have been burned out, lost a breadwinner through death, imprisonment or separation, have run out of welfare fund for food, been injured and unable to work and for other reasons. This food is available only three times per year per family – Prince George’s County residents only. Oxon Hill Pantry also sponsors the Super Pantry Program, which was developed by the Maryland Food Committee. Super Pantries offer life skills workshops and nutrition and food preparation classes. The Oxon Hill Food Pantry is now located at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 4915 St. Barnabus Rd.,Temple Hills, MD. They’re opened Tues. & Sat. !0AM-1PM, and Thurs. 6-8PM. You can reach them by calling (301) 899-8358.

Open Door Housing FundMembers support this non-profit effort, which was formerly the Unitarian Universalist Affordable Housing Corporation, which originated from members of this congregation. We also loan them funds for low-income housing through our Endowment Fund.

BEACON HOUSE COMMUNITY MINISTRY – We, here at DMUUC, help out with the Reading Falcons program for children at their community center in the Edgewood Community of northeast DC every first Saturday. We also help out with other programs, such as Christmas presents, clothing, household, and furniture donations, and the summer day camp. For more information, send a message to our liaison.

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST SERVICE COMMITTEE – The Unitarian Universalist organization that “puts our faith into action.” We help raise funds for their work both nationally and internationally through Guest at Your Table during the holiday season, jewelry and products sales, special donations, and membership contributions. Most years, we’ve received a Banner Award for our generous donations. Use their Legislative Action Center. See their UU College of Social Justice.

CHRISTMAS IN APRIL – Just once per year, on the last Saturday in April, we help fix up the home of someone nearby in Prince George’s County. Learn more about this worthy project on the county site. See photos.

GREEN SANCTUARY CERTIFICATION – As part of our principles, caring for the environment is a natural concern. The UUA’s Green Sanctuary certification is a project we’re currently working on. We’ve done many things in our concern for the environment. Here’s a list of some things we’ve done.

RUAI UU CHURCH RELATIONSHIP – We have had a relationship with Unitarian Universalists in Kenya who live in poverty and are trying to become self-sufficient and better UUs. See their web site here, which was created by one of our members. We also had a service, including a Skype session, “Meet Our New Friends in Ruai, Kenya“.

SPECIAL OFFERINGS – Occasionally we take a collection to help a non-profit organization chosen by the Board of Trustees. Please make checks out to DMUUC and put “special collection” or the name of the organization in your memo line Here is a list of some of the organizations we’ve helped.

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST LEGISLATIVE MINISTRY FOR MARYLAND – Individuals can sign up for emails to get information on Maryland legislation recommended by this group and take action based on your conscience.

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE – Many of our members support this local UU organization which promotes several initiatives.

UUA SOCIAL JUSTICEĀ  – We encourage our members and friends to go to the site from the above link or sign up for the UUA Social Justice News and take action online through their interactive site to support just causes.

Additional UU Social justice organizations are listed on our Links page under About Unitarian Universalism

ADOPT-A-ROAD – In accords with our 7th Principle, we have been cleaning up a stretch of Temple Hill Road as a part of this county project. Dates will be announced in advanced with a sign-up sheet on the lounge bulletin board. We still officially have this status, but need a coordinator to pursue this project.

ARNO WINARD AWARD – Many of the members at Davies Memorial UU Church are active in good works. Arno Winard was one of these members and we gave an award in his memory to those who made a life-long commitment to Social Justice. More information in a lay sermon.

We want your input! We are always open to new ideas for Social Action projects. Visitors, members and friends may make suggestions on our email list or join us in person on the second Sunday of each month at noon.

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