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Misunderstanding Virtue by Michael Hardy

Misunderstanding Virtue by Michael Hardy, July 11, 2013 One of the best aspects of Unitarian Universalism as a religion is its emphasis on encouraging virtue rather than on stigmatizing vice. Instead of a list of ‘thou shalt nots’ or a fixation on ‘sin,’ we offer Seven Principles, a positive approach … Continue reading


MUSIC This page is about the actual music we use, particularly the hymns. We like to have a variety of genre, including jazz, classical, choral, folk, popular, country, mixed, and international. Check our calendar for special music programs and join us. This sermon about our hymnals expresses the importance of … Continue reading

Am I a Christian?

By Richard Hurst Liturgist, Universalist National Memorial Church – Washington, D.C. March 12, 2000 First Reading: “Am I A Christian?” from Without Apology by A. Powell Davies I believe with Jesus that God is spirit, and that truth never binds our minds but sets them free. I believe that “by … Continue reading

Early Freethinkers, Abolitionists, and Unitarians

By Dr. Christopher Bell February 5, 2005 Frederick Douglass as portrayed by Dr. Christopher Bell Speech to Davies Memorial UU Church Early Freethinkers, Abolitionists, and Unitarians and how the three did meet. Today, I shall speak to you on the subject of Early Freethinkers, Abolitionists, and Unitarians, and how the … Continue reading

Intelligent Design, Science, Religion, and Public School

By Richard Akin – founder ASUSA Outline and audio of lay sermon given on September 4, 2005 A. Roots of “Intelligent Design” 1. Fundamentalist Christianity a. Definition: Meeting of Conservative Protestants, 1895 Verbal Inerrancy of Scripture – Plenary/God Chosen Words, Infallible, (translation: King James Version) Divinity of Jesus Christ (Jesus, … Continue reading

Dragged Kicking and Screaming into Heaven

Dragged Kicking and Screaming into Heaven by Mark D. Morrison-Reed Recently Rob Bell a evangelical made a big splash with a book entitled Love Wins. It is a renewal of Universalism’s ancient proclamation, a message we have been preaching for centuries and Christian orthodoxy finds it as alarming now as … Continue reading


LINKSAbout Unitarian Universalisim | Resources | Our Members | Local Links | Our Principles The links below will help you get to know us. If you click one of these links, a new window will pop up so that this window will still be here when you’re done. Disclaimer: Unitarian … Continue reading

Principles & Beliefs

WHAT DOES “UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST” MEAN? Briefly from our history which began in early Christianity, these are the definitions: “Unitarian” refers to belief in a single God rather than a God of three aspects (Trinitarian: Father, Son, Holy Spirit);  “Universal” salvation refers to the belief that all are guaranteed salvation without … Continue reading

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