A Course in Miracles

Study Group
A Course in Miracles helps one “undo the past in the present, and thus release the future”. A study group meeting Monday evening at 7 pm and people can join at any time, even if just once to “check it out”. Newcomers, check out this PDF on getting started.

You are invited to join with others in a read-and-discuss format. Although this three part book is designed for self study, meeting in a group setting can enhance one’s ability to understand its message. It is designed to help one begin to “remove the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance”.

The facilitator for this group is a 29 year “student” of A Course in Miracles and moderated a group in Texas for many years.

For further information please call facilitator Sally Jones at 301-861-6374
There is no fee to attend & all are welcome


Although A Course in Miracles is a self-study course, many people have found it helpful to read and discuss the material with others. These groups have formed independently and are not focused around any central organization. It seems to appeal to people from many walks of life and various religious affiliations.

One purpose of the Course is to help students get in touch with their own Internal Teacher. It helps people heal the sense of separation and loneliness that many feel. Each of the three volumes of A Course in Miracles has a specific direction.

The “Text” is designed to present many ideas on a theoretical level. Much of how people perceive the world is based on their preexisting perceptions. The text explores this, and shows how it applies to how the world “seems”.

The 365 lesson “Workbook” provides a practical daily experience of the philosophies presented in the text. This is where the healing of self identity and of relationships reaches deeply. Happiness happens as negative or limiting attitudes are transformed.

The “Manual for Teachers” answers questions students may have and further defines terms as it guides one through a new way of looking at all things, with forgiveness, to an attitude of peace and joy.

A Course in Miracles book is available at most public libraries, book stores, and online.

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