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Classes / Sunday Circles meet most Sundays.

child with paint on handsChildren attend the first part of the Worship Service most Sundays and go as a group to Religious Education (RE) classes for the rest of the hour or we may have short services with Sunday Circles for all ages following the service. Keep in touch for more information: Sign up for free e-newsletter.

CHILDREN Ages Birth – 3rd Grade – Engage in our Spirit Play program to make meaning of life’s mysteries through wondering, art and play. The program includes stories, helping children make choices and develop independence, creates community in mixed ages, introduces them to world religions, science, and caring for our earth.  See more about Spirit Play.

smiling youth in a circleYOUTH Ages 3rd – 12th Grade – Lounge in our youth room and find a community of acceptance to question, share, laugh and explore. We’re currently offering Spirit of Adventure which includes science and/or social experiments or games along with discussion from our life learnings. Older youth can feel free to choose joining an Adult Sunday Circle or assisting in leadership of the younger Sunday Circle for children as well as participating in this program.

There is no fee for children to participate. Families of participants contribute financially to our church, and/or volunteer in our programs as their interests and abilities allow.

Our curriculum is designed to nurture:

  • Spiritual Growth,
  • Ethical Development,
  • Transforming Faith,
  • Communities focused on Justice and Love, and
  • Unitarian Universalist Identity.

We offer our children programs that hold them in love, ignite their passion for justice, and satisfy their need to know more deeply the diversity and wholeness of our Unitarian Universalist faith.

We’re helping children to find the religious language and story to live into their own answers to existential questions such as:

Who am I?
Where did I come from?
What is my purpose?
What are my gifts?
How do I choose to live my life?
Why am I lonely and sad sometimes?

The purpose of the Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church Religious Education Program is to provide a religious and moral environment that encourages development of personal beliefs and values, acceptance of self and others, and a sense of belonging to the church community. The Religious Education Committee has developed the following goals for the children participating in the program:

  • develop respect for one’s self, others and divergent ideas
  • become responsible for one’s self
  • identify themselves as members of the Unitarian Universalist religion
  • become aware of other religions
  • recognize they have the support of a caring church community and that they are a force for justice and love in this community and the larger world community.

pleasantly decorated room with safe playthings and rocking chairWe are also concerned with safety by having volunteers working in pairs, providing training, and having windows in each classroom to the hall which is monitored.

Our nursery provider is a paid professional and is available starting at 9:20 AM to care for your child while you attend adult RE classes and later for services. If you’re a newcomer, learn more here.

See a sermon provided by youth, available on YouTube.



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