October 15, 2017

Dear Visitor:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the congregation, I would like to welcome you to Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church (DMUUC). We come from many backgrounds and religious traditions but we have found a common purpose in our personal search for religious truth and meaning here at Davies.

Davies is embarking on an exciting journey! In June, 2017, our Board of Trustees signed a contract with Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church to share ministry with that church. On August 2017, we welcomed into our pulpit Norman Allen, Cedar Lane’s intern minister, who will serve as our minister, part-time. We will receive other services from Cedar Lane as we need/ask for them. We are excited about having begun a new era at Davies with this shared ministry. We have embarked on uncharted waters but are very excited about the possibilities such an arrangement can provide.

8 church leaders of varying ages, diverse appearance, 4 men and 4 women

Left to right: Mike Miller, Carolyn Wooster, Jessica Milstead, Daniel Whalen, Sandy Greenberg, Joyce Dowling, Chris Bell, and Dave Phillips

Davies has been recognized, by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), for its focus on diversity. We are proud that our congregation is ethnically diverse and are committed to continuing this focus. We also recently received recognition as a Freethinking Friendly Congregation from the UU Humanist Association, about which we are excited. We are also proud of our certification as a Welcoming Congregation. This certification comes from the UUA after a congregation has voted to be open and affirming to all those in our community who are Gay, Bi-sexual, Lesbian, Transgendered, Queer (LGBTQ) or otherwise identifying. As is stated on our website, “We come together in the spirit of mutual caring and respect to celebrate life, offer service, and work for a better world.”

Davies has an active Religious Education (RE) program for our children and youth. Our volunteer teachers provide curricula year-round that teaches our children about our history and the principles of our liberal religion. It is an exciting program that encourages our children to question, seek their own truths, and find meaning that is applicable to their lives.

We welcome you into our religious home and hope that you will find meaning and your own truth here. We encourage you to visit frequently, to become involved in our programs and activities, and to ask questions! You are important to us and your presence in our church life will enrich us all.


Sandy Greenberg
Congregation President

2017 – 2018 Board of Trustees

President: Sandy Greenberg
Vice President: Joyce Dowling
Treasurer: Jessican Milstead
Secretary: Daniel Whalen
Trustee: Chris Bell
Trustee: Carolyn Wooster
Trustee: Mike Miller
Trustee: David Phillips


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