Why Come To Our Church?

Why Come To Our Church?

An eye with a quote over it There is no hell for any of us to fear outside of ourselves

“There is no hell for any of us to fear outside of ourselves.” quote by Quillen Shinn, Universalist minister – image by Tim Atkins of UU Media Works

Besides trying to live by our Principles, including the freedom to engage in our own personal search for truth and meaning in life (and spirituality), we are inspired to:

  • Feel better about ourselves and treat others better in spite of a world that sometimes seems unworthy – read what members have said and view videos of testimonials
  • Express ourselves in community through song, the sharing of joys and sorrows, and having a personal connection to others, which gives us personal and spiritual growth.
  • Do what inspires us and gives us hope:
    • Work toward racial justice and ending all oppression
    • Help feed the hungry with our Oxon Hill Food Pantry initiative
    • Learn and teach about having hope for our world and the future through religious education programs
    • Support other causes and get support to help your cause through our Social Action Committee
  • Belong to a community of people of different ages (unlike many other organizations that are adult-only – children help us feel younger and keep us connected to the next generation)
  • A place to bring your children and grandchildren where they can explore their beliefs about life’s big questions, learn about various beliefs and about decision-making, and be a part of a loving, caring community.
  • A place where you can feel comfortable, not negatively judged when you’re not doing anything to hurt anyone else, and be a part of a loving, caring community.

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