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Let us worship with the opening of all the windows of our being... quote with photo of window and a look at nature outsideWelcome to Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church. We hope you will visit us and feel comfortable in our caring community. Here are some questions which have been answered for other visitors.
What should I wear to this church?
We have no dress code; though people have come dressed in their “Sunday best” or in jeans and a T-shirt, most people wear something in-between. Children are encouraged to wear comfortable play clothes as activities are sometimes messy.

Is there child care during the service on Sunday morning? If my child doesn’t separate well, can s/he stay with me in the service?
We have nursery care with a paid nursery provider, starting at 10:30 AM. The children usally join the adults for service.

Are people with special needs welcome?
Yes. All ages. We have a variety of levels of ability. The building is handicapped accessible. Large print orders-of-service are available each Sunday. If you or your child has a fairly unique special need, you may want to call or email the church (301) 449-4308 to see how we can arrange to accommodate you.

Are there any people in mixed marriages in this congregation?
Yes. Both racially and religiously mixed backgrounds. We try to be welcoming to everyone who comes in the spirit of good will, regardless of race, color, religious background, gender, affectional or sexual orientation, age, abilities or limitations, national origin, or marital status.

Are there bi-gay-lesbian-transgender (BGLT) people in this congregation? Are BGLTs welcome?
Yes. See answer to above question and see Welcoming Congregation.

Are there people in the congregation who are from Virginia? Waldorf? Calvert County? Washington, DC? Upper Marlboro?
Yes. We have members from all of these areas and many others, too. We provide our members and friends with a directory. If you have been coming to our church and have not received one yet, please inquire at church or contact the office. A list of towns from which we know we have members is on the bottom of our About Us page.

Are there people in the congregation who are humanist? atheist? pagan? Christian? Jewish? Muslim? agnostic?
Yes and probably several other beliefs also. Here are what members say about their beliefs.

What goes on during the worship services?
Though our order-of-service varies somewhat, here is what you can usually expect.:

  • We have many musicians in our congregation, so we enjoy live music to start.
  • We share our joys and concerns (sample meditation following our sharing here), a member lights the flaming chalice (see the history of the chalice) and gives a short reading, we have a silent meditation, and sing “Spirit of Life” while the children lead us in sign language.
  • We enjoy singing hymns from our hymnal “Singing the Living Tradition” which contains traditional Christian and Jewish songs, as well as songs from other traditions and both traditional and contemporary songs original to the Unitarian Universalist faith.
  • There is an offertory, but you are welcome to be our guest with no commitment to contribute (see below for more about donating).
  • The minister’s sermon is usually ~20-30 mins. long. We occasionally have visiting ministers or lay services, especially in the summer.
  • The service culminates with community time when visitors can introduce themselves and announcements are made.
  • Lastly, we sing our benediction (“From you I receive, to you I give…”) as we stand and hold hands.
  • Coffee, refreshments and conversation follow.
Will I be required to do volunteer work?
Newcomers have no requirements. There are many opportunities to get involved, though, so when you feel your “newcomer” status has worn off and you consider yourself a “friend” or become a member, you will learn some of the small or great ways in which you can get involved.

Will I be required to donate money?
No. A collection basket is passed during the offertory. The church is primarily supported by annual pledges and from our members and friends (“friends” are people who attend regularly and/or have participated for a while, but have not officially signed the membership book). You may initiate your pledge at the time you feel ready. Please be our guest at least the first time you visit. Members and active friends are expected to contribute to the financial well being of the church in accord with their means and the value they place on the great things they find in this community.

How can I learn more about the church?
Besides an abundance of information on this web site you are welcome to email your questions to us at dmuuc-om [at]

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