“I go to church…because I fall below my own standards and need to be constantly brought back to them. I must have my conscience sharpened–sharpened until it goads me to the most thorough and responsible thinking and action of which I am capable.” – A. Powell Davies

PLEASE JOIN US AT 10:30! Our services are noted for their strong musical presence thanks to our Music Director, to our many guest and lay artists, and to our beloved tradition of a shared and sung benediction at the close of worship. We invite you to join us as we take hands and circle the sanctuary to sing “From you I receive, to you I give.”

Other important moments in the service include the sharing of Joys & Sorrows when congregants of all ages might take a moment to share what’s on their hearts and minds. Our sermons seek to be intellectually and spiritually challenging and are always followed by a post-service discussion for those who would like to take a deeper dive into a topic – or challenge the pastor! Guests preachers come from a range of faith traditions and perspectives. We are dedicated to diversity in all its form and to making all activities fully accessibile.

Nursery care is provided during the service. Children of preschool or elementary school age participate in the first half of the service then adjourn to their classroom for activities related to religious education and social justice. Older teens and tweens remain in the sanctuary and often enjoy their own facilitated discussion of the day’s themes during the social hour that follows.


See our Visitor FAQs for answers to questions you might have.

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