Recent Sermons

Recent Sermons

Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church is committed to a free and open pulpit where a variety of ideas are shared, encouraging new thinking and deep conversations. Below you’ll find a sample of sermons from Pastor Norm and recent guest preachers. After every service, you’re invited to join the preacher for a small group conversation about the sermon and its themes. We hope to see you there!

11/25/18 – “On the Edge” with Pastor Norman Allen


11/18/18 – “#WeWontBeErased” (Transgender Remembrance) with Pastor Norman Allen


11/11/18 – “Honor & Memory” (World War One Centenary) with Pastor Norman Allen


10/21/18 – “Who’s Blessing Whom” (Blessing of the Animals) with Pastor Norman Allen


10/14/18 – To Offer Sanctuary with Pastor Norman Allen


09/30/18 – In Praise of Heretics with Pastor Norman Allen


09/16/18 – Selfies: Ego or Altruism with Mariama Onwuchekwa


09/09/18 – Where Rivers Meet with Pastor Norman Allen


09/02/18 – Be Thou My Vision? with Pastor Norman Allen


08/19/2018 – The Rhythms of the Earth with Pastor Norman Allen


08/12/2018 – A Humanist Heritage with Pastor Norman Allen


07/29/2018 -Wisdom and Religion (World Religions) with Pastor Norman Allen


07/22/2018 – The Prophetic Women of Our Faith with Pastor Norman Allen


05/20/2018 – The Phoenix in Flight with Pastor Norman Allen


05/06/2018- The Meaning of Life with Pastor Norman Allen


04/29/2018- Buddha’s 4 Truths with Mike Miller


04/01/2018- Joy and Justice! Easter Sermon with Pastor Norman Allen


03/25/2018- Men and Women with Rev. Ken MacLean


03/04/2018- Bridging the Binary with Pastor Norman Allen


02/18/2018- To Lead Like Lincoln with Pastor Norman Allen


02/11/2018- Singing the Living Tradition with Christin Green


02/04/2018- Phoenix Rising with Pastor Norman Allen


01-21-2018- Still Small Voice with Pastor Norman Allen


01-14-2018 What Has Happened to Martin Luther King’s Dream with Dr. Christopher Bell


For a look at our archive of sermon texts, check the listings below:

08/13/17 – Religious Education and You by Joyce Dowling

03/20/16 – What has happened to Dr. Martin Luther King’s (MLK’s) Dream? (Part 2) by Dr. Christopher C. Bell Jr.

03/6/16 – In 2016, what has happened to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream? by Dr. Christopher C. Bell Jr.

08/23/15 – “Bible Study Presents…” facilitated by Rev. Madelyn Campbell

07/6/14 – The American Creed: The Optimistic Outlook of a Black Patriot by Dr. Christopher C Bell Jr.

06/29/14 – Only Human by Michael Hardy

06/15/14 – Finding Intimacy and Ultimacy by Rev. Amy Russell

06/01/14 – Is God a Process? by Rev. Amy Russell

05/18/14 – The Hard Work of Transition by Rev. Amy Russell

05/11/14 – Flower Communion by Rev. Amy Russell with Pete Fontneau

04/06/14 – Listening: A Sacred Practice by Rev. Amy Russell

03/16/14 – Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World by Rev. Amy Russell

03/09/14 – Laughing at Ourselves by Rev. Amy Russell

03/02/14 – Harvesting the Past, Planting the Future by Rev. Amy Russell

02/23/14 – Meet Our New Friends in Ruai, Kenya by Daniel Whalen & Joyce Dowling

02/16/14 – Love will Guide UUs by Debbie Cole

02/09/14 – Making the Impossible Possible by Rev. Erin Gingrich

02/02/14 – Modern Slavery: What We Can Do? by Lori Fitzmaurice

01/26/14 – The Blessing of the Dead by Cynthia Snavely

12/15/13 – Finding Our Balance by Archene Turner

12/08/13 – The Gift of Presence by Debbie Cole

12/01/13 – Multiplication Problem by Michael Hardy

10/13/13 – Living Our Right Relations Covenant by Joyce Dowling

10/06/13 – Peak Experiences and Religion by Mac and Susan Goekler

08/03/13 – Is This the UU “Good Book”? by Mimi Stevens

07/07/13 – Life Lessons from the State Fair in Texas by Sally Jones

07/11/13 – Misunderstanding Virtue by Michael Hardy

06/23/13 – Keeping Small Unintended Racial Slights from Becoming Huge Problems at Work, Play, and Church by Dr. Christopher Bell Jr.

06/02/13 – Evolution of a Self by John Monroe

05/26/13 – Being Yourself and a UU in Today’s World  by Christian James

04/28/13 – Witnesses: Past, Present and Future  by  Rev. Preston Mears

09/02/12 – The Church That Says Come In  by Rev. Betty Jo Middleton

08/19/12 – A Balancing Act by Susan Goekler

08/12/12 – Have You Seen the Rainbow? by Michael Hardy

07/15/12 – What is Really Going On?  by Sally Jones

06/17/12 – My Life as a Muppet by Rev. Bruce Marshall (last sermon as interim)

05/27/12 –The Best that Love Can Be  by Rev. Diane Teichert

04/01/12 –Report from the UUA General Assembly  by Rev. Marshall, Joyce Dowling, Liz Echols and Mike Papantones

03/18/12 –Collective Action: Beyond Light Bulbs  by Matt Meyer

03/11/12 –The Little Deeds in Life  by Mali Phonpadith

2/17/13 – The Wellsprings of Violence by Richard Weiner

01/15/12 – Reflections on Race Relations – Martin Luther King Day service by Rev. Bruce Marshall, Joyce Dowling, Elliot Grollman, Christopher Bell, Jr., and Louise Warner

Lay and Guest sermons archive 1999 – 2011 is here.

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