Older Sermons from Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church

07/20/2018- Prophetic Women of our Faith by Pastor Norman Allen

07/15/2018- Transcending Mysteries by Pastor Norman Allen

06/17/2018- A Communion of Flowers by Pastor Norman Allen

05/20/18 -Phoenix in Flight by Pastor Norman Allen

05/06/18- The Meaning of Life by Pastor Norman Allen

04/29/2018 – Buddha’s 4 Truth by Mike Miller

04/1/2018 – Joys and Justice! Easter Service by Pastor Norman Allen

03/25/2018 – Men and Women by Rev. Kenneth MacLean

03/04/2018 – Bridging the Binary by Pastor Norman Allen

02/18/2018 – To Lead Like Lincoln by Pastor Norman Allen

02/11/2018 – Singing the Living Tradition by Christin Green

02/04/2018 – Phoenix Rising by Pastor Norman Allen

01/21/2018 – The Still Small Voice by Pastor Norman Allen

01/14/2018 – What Has Happened to Martin Luther King, Jr’s Dream by Dr. Christopher Bell


07/24/11 – Dragged Kicking and Screaming into Heaven  by Mark D. Morrison-Reed

07/17/11 – Sacred Humility: Finding Beauty in Broken Places by Rev. Heather Janules

06/05/11 – To Be or Not to Be? by Rev. Preston K. Mears Jr.

05/22/11 – Diversity in Relationships by Joyce Dowling

05/08/11 – The Gift of Giving by Sheri Verdonk

04/17/11 – What’s In Your Bag: Preparing For a Life on a New Planet by Jesse Alexander.

02/20/11 – The Future of UUism: Social Change and Spiritual Growthby Terrie Barr, UUSJ.

11/28/10 – How About Those Redskins? by Dr. Christopher C. Bell Jr.

11/14/10 –Growing Up – A Continuing Experience by Rev. Cynthia A. Snavely

10/10/10 –Confronting Noah and Ourselves: Our Religious Response to Climate Change by Joelle Novey

09/05/10 –Women and Toilets Part 2 by Angel Savoy James

08/22/10 –A Matter of Perspective by Justin Dean

08/08/10 –In the Garden: Ethical Eating by Susan Blasko

08/01/10 – An Episcopalian in a Unitarian Universalist Church by Rev. Preston K. Mears Jr.

07/25/10 – Who Am I Really Under All These Hats? by Sheri Verdonk.

07/18/10 – What Unitarian Universalists Should Know About African American Humanists and Why It Should Matter by Dr. Christopher C. Bell Jr.

04/25/10 – There’s More Than One Way to Save the World by Isis Johnson

03/21/10 – Golfing With Monkeys by Rev. Scott W. Alexander.

11/29/09 – The Possible by Rev. Preston K. Mears Jr.

10/25/09 – William Ellery Channing: A Reluctant Radical by Rev. John Gaffney

09/06/09 – The Lincoln Mythology by Dr. Christopher Bell Jr.

08/16/09 – Vulnerable Youth in America: Foster Youth and Homeless Youth – Finding Solutions by Richard Hooks Wayman

08/02/09 – All That Matters: Poetry of Summertime by Davies Poets and Friends

07/19/09 – Standing on the Side of Love by Adam Gerhardstein of the UUA Washington Office

07/12/09 – What Have You Learned From Your “Burning Bush” Experiences? by Dr. Christopher Bell Jr.

06/28/09 – Whose Suitcase are You Carrying? by Sheri Verdonk

02/15/09 – Mary and Gary, How are Your Ministries Growing? by Dr. Christopher Bell Jr.

01/25/09 – Baptized by Life by Justin Dean

12/14/08 – The Giving of Accessibility by Angel Savoy-James

04/06/08 – Finding Our Own Centerby The Rev. Preston K. Mears, Jr. (Episcopalian priest and member of Davies church)

12/02/07 – Sex, Sin and Salvation by Preston Mears

08/12/07 – Attitude of Gratitude by Jill Russo-Downey

04/22/07 – To Be a Welcoming Congregation by Preston & Rachel Mears

03/18/07 – Women and Toilets – Part 1 by Angel Savoy-James

02/25/07 – Coming Home to Ourselves by Rev. Amanda Poppei

01/21/07 – Retrieving Revelation by Jennifer Youngsun Ryu

11/09/06 – Thanksgiving for Opportunity by Preston Mears

08/20/06 – A Movement Toward Right Relations: 2006 General Assembly by Rev. John Crestwell, Liz Echols, Monica Young, Mike Papantones, and Race & Joyce Dowling

07/09/06 – Building Your Own Theology (BYOT) II by Jane Weaver

06/04/06 – Work as a Calling: Forty Years of Public Service by The Rev. Preston K. Mears, Jr. (Episcopalian priest and member of Davies church)

04/30/06 – My Comfort Zone, Your Comfort Zone, May We Merge Them? by  Dr. Christopher Bell, Jr.

04/09/06 – A Look at the Present and Future by Rev. Dr. Richard Speck

03/12/06 – Freedom or Repression–Hope or Fear by The Rev. Preston K. Mears, Jr. (Episcopalian priest and member of Davies church)

09/04/05 – Intelligent Design, Science, Religion, and Public School by Richard Akin

08/14/05 – An Internet Phenomena vs. Reality by Joyce Dowling

02/20/05 – Sermon on M inistry by Rev. Preston K. Mears, Jr. (Episcopalian priest and member of DMUUC)

02/5/05 – Early Freethinkers, Abolitionists, and Unitarians by Dr. Chris Bell (posing as Frederick Douglass)

01/9/05 – The Freedom to Become by Rev. Preston K. Mears, Jr. (Episcopalian priest and member of DMUUC)

12/05/04 – The Loss of Religious Language and the Rise of Fundamentalism by Rev. Preston K. Mears, Jr. (Episcopalian priest and member of DMUUC)

07/18/04 – Sign Language Values by Joyce Dowling

07/04/04 – Independence Day by John Stempin

08/10/03 – Saved by Our Faith by Joyce Dowling, Dick Wilcox, & John Crestwell

07/07/03 – Why Are We Supersizing Ourselves? by Laura Hillier

06/29/03 – The Quest for Importance by Dave Phillips

11/10/02 – Individuality by Matt Newcamp

11/03/02 – Who was Arno Winard , What was His Shoe Size and Why Do We Give an Award in His Honor? by the Worship Commitee

05/19/02 – Art Service – Music & Art – Poems by Roslyn Winard

07/09/01 – Power of Myth – The Emerson Group

06/24/01 – “Knock Knock” by Dave Phillips

01/21/01 – Heart of Technology by John Stempin

10/15/00 – Anything We Love Can Be Saved by Rev. Meg Riley

08/06/00 – Fullfilling Our Promise: Our Common Call – General Assembly 2000 coordinated by Joyce Dowling

07/30/00 – Sharing Our Theologies coordinated by Sheri Byrd

07/26/00 – Gods and Dogs by Den Frumen

07/23/00 – The Places We Went coordinated by Joyce Dowling

07/09/00 – Our Heroes and Heroines coordinated by Sheri Byrd

03/12/00 – Am I a Christian? by Richard Hurst

08/15/99 – Appeal for Peace – Report of Hague Appeal for Peace conference by Trevor and Joyce Dowling

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