Spiritual Freethinkers – Join Us in Camp Springs, MD

We are Freethinker Friendly: we provide a welcoming community for people with atheist, agnostic, humanist, and other non-theistic worldviews.

uu humanist reason compassionWe welcome humanists, atheists, agnostics, and other freethinkers as Unitarian, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists have for over 100 years! Families, especially, find supportive and loving community and a village to help raise their children — often an oasis of acceptance in a culture that unjustly vilifies non-theists. For many, it’s the only place we can be open about our beliefs and still share in the opportunity to express love for humanity through service, and to engage with others through life’s joys and challenges.

Some reasons why humanists and freethinkers come here:

  • Feel better about ourselves and treat others better in spite of a world that sometimes seems unworthy;
  • Express ourselves in community through song, the sharing of joys and sorrows, and having a personal connection to others, which gives us personal growth (some would also say “spiritual” growth);
  • Do what inspires us and gives us hope;being lost understanding thoreau quote by uumedia with nature photo
  • Belonging to a community of people of different ages (unlike many other organizations that are adult-only – children help us feel younger and keep us connected to the next generation);
  • A place to bring your children and grandchildren where they can explore their beliefs about life’s big questions, learn about various beliefs and about decision-making, and be a part of a loving, caring community; and
  • A place where you can feel comfortable, not negatively judged when you’re not doing anything to hurt anyone else, and be a part of a loving, caring community.
  • Here’s a video with people sharing why they’re  a UU:

“As Unitarian Universalists, we recognize that science and religion share a common wellspring. They both arise from the human need to cope with life, to make life comprehensible, controllable, and meaningful. Indeed, we are all scientists. We all search for knowledge about the world, a way to make sense of our experiences and to give our lives meaning.” – Unitarian Universalist Association President Rev. Peter Morales

most adaptive survive - darwin quote - with photo of all ages in superman and superwoman costumes by uumediaJust as being a Welcoming Congregation for LGBTQ people does not imply being unwelcoming to straight people, being Freethinker Friendly does not imply being unwelcoming to theists. Our principles are primarily about people – we hold humanist ideas at our core, which includes to respect, engage, and welcome all people. Our sources contain “Humanist teachings”, “Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder”, and “Words and deeds of prophetic women and men”, but also “Wisdom from the world’s religions”, “Jewish and Christian teachings”, and “Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions”. See more here.

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