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Unitarian Universalists can have difficulty expressing their faith in a few words. Here are some of our responses to the question, “How do you express your faith in just a few words?”:

Our religion can be an expanding mosaic of enriching personalities that think and feel and act with compassionate vision concerning how best to live and grow in this life and this world.

Unitarian Universalism is a warm and welcoming space for those seeking to be a caring human being through sharing and discussion and recognition of individual dignity.

A place where people of all religions come together to worship and share in spirituality. A place where we learn to respect others’ beliefs. A safe place of spiritual freedom and discussion.

We are a church that believes actions speak louder than recited creeds or spoken beliefs.

I like the honesty I hear. I’m looking for God or the spirit that inspires the concept of God. Compassion, honesty, and tolerance of people’s choices.

We’re people of many beliefs worshiping together, but unified by seven principles which include love, justice, and freedom for all.

Justice without a deity.

Being with UUs allows me to explore who I am and what I believe in a like community of people who respect the individual search.

A sharing caring responsible self help search for truth where we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person and that even a question may be an answer.

I believe there is truth and meaning in all faiths. I believe in my right to find my own personal truth and freedom in my own responsible individual search.

A UU is one who welcomes various views on what the truth is.

An opportunity to bridge differences and be enriched through community, to speak as a religion to the needs of our present.

Having the freedom to search for truth, having love and respect for all mankind, being able to embrace words of wisdom from different sources.

My faith accepts the wisdom gleaned from all peoples and religions on the earth. We believe in justice, truth, and love for all of humankind. We respect our collective roles we play in the universe.

We don’t believe that any religion has a monopoly on the truth, though each has some wisdom to offer. As a UU I have the freedom to draw from all religions to establish the set of beliefs that best satisfy my personal experience and provide guidance in becoming a better person in the sense of respecting my fellow people and the physical world of which we are a part.

Everyone is important, ideas are listened to; people care for one another; truth, justice and the importance of our planet and nature are vital to all nations and peoples.

A UU church where I can unite with those who share a strong, active belief in spiritual growth, personal closeness, and inner peace full of love, joy, and justice.

It is a church where I can discover and distill what is important and sacred to myself. It is a place where I can have a community where I find out what is sacred and important to each member. Where honest similarities and differences are honored.

I believe in God. I believe in trying to be a good person. This church allows freedom of thought.

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